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The complete guide for new Salesforce Developers

 Are you a new Salesforce Developer? Are you a manager who hired a new team member but don’t have time to guide trough the Salesforce processes? I have a solution for you – The complete guide for new Salesforce Developers.

First few weeks with Salesforce and a new company may be confusing. You are not always sure what you should learn first, you would like to learn all about Salesforce in one day, but at the same time, you don’t know what you should start with. People recommendation is to start with Trailhead, but what should you do first to be productive as soon as possible?

I’ve prepared the complete guide for new Salesforce developers which can be used when you are: 

  • Manager – save this post to bookmarks and send it to your new team members as the main onboarding material.
  • Developer – start with this trailmix and impress with your performance!

Special Developer Starting Pack Trailmix

I’ve prepared special Developer Starting Pack Trailmix which will be a great starting point for every developer. This pack include around 50h of materials estimated by Salesforce, but they should be easily done in 2-3 weeks full-time job depending on motivation and other assignments.

What you will learn

What you will learn from this trailmix:

  1. Salesforce Basics
  2. Basic Administration tools
  3. Automations available in Salesforce OOTB
  4. Developer environment setup
  5. Custom Development (Apex, Integrations)
  6. Development Lifecycle
  7. Basics of building front end in Salesforce (LWC)
  8. Basics Heroku Integration
  9. AppExchange


I know that without real business cases from your company at some point you might lose focus, that’s why I recommend you to start doing badges simultaneously with projects in Trailhead. Try to do both of them and mix your time with doing trailmix badges.

Workshop battle station one should be a great summary after Admin Beginner trail.

Workshop platform events I recommend doing at almost the end of the trailmix.

Learning tips

I have 3 tips for you during learning with trailhead:

First recommendation

The most important advice is not only to pass the badge but do some test scenarios on your dev org – try to test every functionality even broader than it’s written -> even if you don’t have playground session, test every functionality -> it will help you to understand.

Second recommendation:

Make your learning business-driven! When you have a feature which you know how to click through but you don’t see any business case, ask your colleagues or manager about their experiences with this functionality. Try to understand scenarios in which people are using those tools and it will help you to use proper functionality in the proper place.

Third recommendation:

Read my Blog post about Salesforce certification!

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